Knowledgeable, experienced, and reputable service!

Two years ago, due to my husband’s job, we moved to Scottsdale. Ron Moore and Judy Jones assisted us in finding a great home in McDowell Mountain Ranch. About a year and a half later we found ourselves needing to sell our home, again due to my husband’s job.

It was however, a VERY different market! Prices had fallen dramatically, and there was an abundance of homes on the market. There were five homes on the market right in our immediate area, one that had been on the market OVER A YEAR!

This was going to be a touch sell, we needed to get the best price in a reasonable amount of time. We had two Realtors give us marketing presentations and were undoubtedly most impressed with Judy and Ron’s plan of action! They put together a fantastic presentation for REALTOR.COM, and through fliers, CD’s, open houses and showings we managed to get a contract on our home in 60 days!!

They continued to assist us through the rest of the process, from inspection to closing which as any home seller knows can be the most challenging! While our movers were packing us up, my neighbor stopped by to get our Realtors’ number as they were so impressed with how quickly and what a great price we got for our home! We consider ourselves very lucky to have become involved with Ron and Judy and would highly recommend their knowledgeable, experienced, and reputable service!